The wines we sell are produced from organically farmed grapes, made by smaller producers, with virtually no additives. There’s nothing added to stimulate or change the aroma, texture, colour or flavour. This ensures quality and you generally won’t find the wines on supermarket shelves.

Our range is a natural reflection of the skill of the winemaker’s, the grapes they grow and the country they come from. Better for the environment – Chemical free farming, flourishing bio-diversity, healthier vineyards.






We sell a varied selection of wines to suit all tastes and budgets, and all our wines are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Animal products are often involved in winemaking, particularly during the fertilisation and fining processes, which means the end product isn’t vegan or organic.

Vegan wine is free from ingredients taken from animals and does not exploit animals as part of its production, just like any other vegan food or drink.

Initially, many vegans assume all wines are ok to drink because they’re made from grapes. However, a large majority of wine producers use animal products in their production as an agent to bind the small particles of residue in the wine to make it clear. These animal additives do have an impact on the wine’s taste, but the same results are now being achieved by natural winemakers through cold fining and natural decanting.

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