Taster Mixed Wine Case


We’ve put together this case of wine rack essentials for you to try.


A 12 bottle case of some of the best value European wines:

2 bottles each of:
Cuvée le Soleiller Rouge
Terre Biologiche Rosso
Châtelaine Stéphanie Rouge
Cuvée le Soleiller Blanc
Terre Biologiche Bianco
Châtelaine Stéphanie Blanc


Cuvée le Soleiller Rouge [x2]

Well balanced and fruity with red berry aromas

Country: France
Grapes: Grenache / Merlot / Carignan
Vintage: ~
ABV: 13.5%
Style: Medium bodied
Size: 75cl

Product code: VEO-101

Terre Biologiche Rosso [x2]

This is an elegant red wine that’s perfect with any food or on it’s own. The Sangiovese gives you red and black cherries and the Merlot is herbaceous with hints of plum.

Country: Italy
Grapes: Sangiovese / Merlot
ABV: 12.5%
Style: Medium bodied
Size: 75cl

Product code: VEO-120

Châtelaine Stéphanie Rouge [x2]

Packed full of ripe, juicy berry fruit flavours with an earthy, herby warmth.

Country: Spain
Grapes: Monastrell
Vintage: ~
ABV: 12.5%
Style: Light to Medium-full bodied
Size: 75cl

Product code: VEO-130

Cuvée le Soleiller Blanc [x2]

A flavoursome everyday white from vineyards in Gascogne, South West France. Fresh and floral with notes of lemon, peach and white flowers on the nose which carry through to the round and well-balanced palate. Straightforward and versatile – a wine to drink as an apéritif, for picnics or barbeques, or with a variety of lighter flavoured foods.

Country: France
Grapes: Syrah / Grenache / Carignan
Vintage: 2017/2018
ABV: 14%
Style: Medium bodied
Size: 75cl

Product code: VEO-201

Terre Biologiche Bianco [x2]

Delicate on the nose with honey and white flowers, full-fruited with a touch of hazelnuts in the mouth. Light gold in colour, this wine is soft, fresh, lively and easy to drink. Try with grilled tofu or as an apéritif.

Country: Italy
Grapes: Tokay / Garganega / Chardonnay
Vintage: ~
ABV: 11%
Style: 2 – Fruity Dry
Size: 75cl

Product code: VEO-220

Châtelaine Stéphanie Blanc [x2]

A simple bouquet of lemon and white flowers, this is a lively tasting wine. Good acidity which develops into a rounder and broader flavour. Interestingly, the Airen grapes are night-harvested to preserve the freshness and optimise the quality of this simple but charming wine.

Country: Spain
Grapes: Airen
Vintage: 2015
ABV: 12%
Style: 2 – Fruity Dry
Size: 75cl

Product code: VEO-230

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